It will be a merrier Christmas for 30 local kids because Shop with a Cop embraced them with the spirit of the season.  Chief Jay Niles’ department took local kids who might need a boost on a shopping spree, in the company of their own, Columbia Township’s finest.

Shop with a Cop donations topped $13,000 this year, making it possible to double the number of kids—30 this year.  The fundraiser took place on Saturday, December 3rd, at the Eagle’s Nest.  Scroll down to see photos and to learn the names of some who donated.

This year’s Shop with a Cop progressed over two days—Monday and Tuesday this week.  Each morning, John Lefere, and is wife Susan, pulled up in their giant motor home.  As he greeted the group, John placed a Shop with a Cop medallion in every kid’s hands.  Then the entourage boarded the vehicle.  Escorted by police vehicles with lights flashing, they made their way to Walmart.  The kids picked out presents for others in their family.  They then traveled to the Brooklyn Sportsman’s Club, where the kids received help from club members who offered their expertise in wrapping the gifts.  Each kid was then surprised with a gift of his or her own.  Oh, the wonderful mystery of opening a present when you’re a kid!

In the photo above, Chief Niles is holding a trophy.  It was bestowed upon him by John Lefere and has this inscription “Chief Niles, Shop with a Cop 2022.”

Check out the this video.  You’ll be glad you did.

Here are some photos taken over the two day event.


As noted above, donors stepped up in a big way for Shop with a Cop.  Police Chief Jay Niles, accompanied by Eagle’s Nest owner Blair Huff and manager Jorge Orozco, along with John Lefere and others accepted contributions on behalf of the program.  Here are some of those who stopped by to help out between noon and 3 pm Saturday at the Eagle’s Nest.

Companies made donations, as you can see, below.

In addition to contributions received at the Eagle’s Nest,  donations also came via phone pledges.  Others dropped off checks at the Columbia Township Office.  The funds were handled through the Township.  Chief Niles and organizer John Karkheck requested checks be payable to Columbia Township with Shop with a Cop on the memo line.

In taking on the driving duties, John Lefere wore a bus driver hat and Indian Trails shirt, ensuring that all would understand his role for the day.  Fact about the motor home:  It holds 250 gallons of diesel and gets 5 miles per gallon.  Anyone care to do the math?