Freedom Fireworks will shake the lake tonight.  The skies over Clark Lake will burst into colors of intricate design and fiery imagery.  For the fourth year, the Mahalak family and friends are putting together a display worthy of the top notch praise it receivers.  

Photo: Diane Deming

Freedom Fireworks will launch at nightfall, probably between 9:30 pm and 10 pm.  The pyrotechnics will be under the control of Starfire Corporation, as in the past.  Ground zero will be similar to last year.  It’s important to stay well away from the launch sites.  That launch area forms a triangle from Eagle Point to Kentucky Point, and to the North Shore.  Don’t get close.

More good news?  The weather should be excellent.   

Clark Lakers stepped up to make this awesome experience happen.  Thanks are in order.

Ralph Jr & Joan Mahalak
Mike & Janine Mahalak
JP & Joanie Mahalak
Gary & Teri Schultz
Danny Vuich Jr. 
Stephanie Sconochia
Sue Wiemer
Bruce & Linda Seeger
Tim Zacharias
Sam & Lindsey Jones
Richard & Sarah Boonstra
Dee & Jack Jackson
Laurie & Bob  Lazebnik
Mike & Teresa Mckay
Terry & Cathy Scott
Kevin & Lucia Thomson

For a blast from the past, check out this video from 2019.