photo 2(3)The quarterly sewer bill that will arrive in Clark Lake residents’ mailboxes in April will rise to $124 per home from $118.95.  The $5.05 increase is designed to “replenish the repair and replacement fund” according to Columbia Township’s Heather McCutcheon.  Repairs or replacements become necessary when the equipment or lines freeze up.  The intense cold this winter caused four freeze ups (up to March 16) at Clark Lake and there were many more at Lake Columbia.  It’s believed that the sewer system at Lake Columbia was installed in a way that makes it more vulnerable to freeze ups.

Clark Lake’s sewer system is older and requires more maintenance.  That in turn places more demand on Columbia Township’s sewer repair and replacement fund.

Lake Columbia residents will also pay $124 this quarter.  Vineyard Lake, under the Columbia Township system as well, will pay $161.

This increase has no direct connection to the controversial issues arising with the arrangement with Leoni Township.

Questions regarding sewers can be directed to Heather McCutcheon at 592-2000.