Responding to public angst over the sewer rate increase, Columbia Township trustees will hold an informational meeting to respond. At Clark Lake, rates will go up 49% in July.  At the meeting, trustees will hear comments from the public, answer questions, and give their take.  It will be held at the Columbia Central High School auditorium on Monday, June 25, at 7 pm. 

At tonight’s regular meeting of trustees, the floor was open to public comment at beginning and end.  As normal at regular meetings, the time limit was 3 minutes–trustees listen, but don’t respond to questions or comments.  Only one person rose to address trustees about the rate increase–Chris Plummer of Clark Lake. Here is an excerpt.


While well-attended, this meeting was by no means SRO.

On Thursday, June 14, this website held an interview session with two Columbia Township elected officials–Bob Elrod, supervisor, and John Calhoun, treasurer.  The Q & A session was published later that day.  To review it, please click here.