If you’ve been on the Spirit Trail recently, you may have noticed the barriers have a fresh coat of paint.  These barriers are required by the state to prevent motorized vehicles from entering. 

Clark Lake Good Guy Awards go to Bob Lajdziak and Tucker Boyers.  Bob painted all of them, and Tucker supplied the paint.  There were 19 posts in all, unless you count the horseshoe shaped one as three; then the total becomes 22 (see last photo).  Tucker is co-chairman and Bob is a member of the Spirit Trail committee. 

The kind of paint used is designed specifically for this purpose.  It’s called “safety green” and is applied to similar structures on bike trails around the state.

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail provides cyclists, walkers and runners a path to circle the lake.  It thrives with the support of the community.  Most work is accomplished by volunteers, but sometimes it’s necessary to hire contractors for infrastructure repairs and improvements. You can make a tax-advantaged donation to the Spirit Trail through this website.