What’s going on at Clark Lake? Neighbors are speaking in hushed tones, voices hardly above a whisper. Or walk up to a table of animated talkers at the Beach Bar, and suddenly there is awkward silence. As you drive the roads behind the houses, you get furtive looks as residents quickly shut their garage doors. What are they hiding?

If you’ve been at Clark Lake for a while, you can figure it out. It’s the week leading up to the Raft-O-Rama, one of Clark Lake’s premiere events. Plans are being hatched, engineering skills are being called upon, and plenty of thinking is taking place on how to put it all together the night before, or morning of, Sunday, August 3rd.  And do those entering employ spycraft learned from watching too many movies? Well, who wouldn’t want to know what the competition is up to? And that is the reason for Clark Lake secrecy this week.

There is a desire to win, and that desire results in lots of creativity. This motivation only makes the day more interesting to the hundreds of spectators lining the shores or following the parade of rafts around the lake. This year’s theme is “Broadway Plays”.  As in every year gone by, this day promises to be lots of fun.

The Ten Things You Need to Know about Raft-O-Rama can be accessed by clicking here. And if you need corrugated board for your construction project, you can get it for free from Tucker Boyers, 474 S. Woodlands, 529-4466.

Battle ship cropped