Runners converged on the Beach Bar tonight (Friday, 8/5/16) to register and pick up the items necessary for tomorrow’s challenge.


Run Clark Lake is in its 41st year and is especially important, not only because of the widespread interest it attracts, but also for its contribution to maintain and improve the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  You can get all the details by clicking here.  For the map of the courses, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

DSC_8447_561Peggy Collins holds up one of the t-shirts each competitor will receive.  The success of this event depends on people like Peggy–the many volunteers who work hard at it.

What adds to the fun is the level of competition.  Check out the times next to the name of the 5k and 12k winners over the years.

DSC_8457_563DSC_8461_562If you’re planning to view the race, here is the course map.

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