The 48th Run Clark Lake began with a stirring rendition of our National Anthem.  The competitive spirit was definitely in the air, and the weather favored the runners.  The day started cloudy, and gradually the sun began to make its appearance.  The temperature hovered around 70.

In this video Race Director Pat Dwyer tells the Run Clark Lake story along with video of the day’s competition.

As you saw in the video, the first event is the 12k run.

The second event is the 5k run, which is immediately followed by the 5k walk.

Then the kids are in it for the fun of it, but many caught the competitive spirit.

The certified courses have remained the same from year to year, allowing for reliable statistical comparisons.

What were things like at the finish line?  Check it out.

The strong turnout of runners was supported by a strong fan base.  In this slide show, you’ll see fans in the stands and competitors either before or after their run.

After the races, winners receive their accolades.

Detailed results area available for each race.  Click for more.

12k Run

5k Run

5K Walk

Kids Run

Run Clark Lake generates cash prizes through sponsor support.  The Run also contributes to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  Unpaid volunteers do most Trail maintenance.  But some third party expenses are unavoidable, including infrastructures upgrades or additions.