If there is such a thing as picture perfect weather for a run, Clark Lake provided one today.  Low humidity and cool temperatures made it easier for the runners, and sunshine brightly illumined the Clark Lake landscape for participants and spectators alike. 

Click here for the names of the runners and detailed stats for each of the events—5k and 12k Runs, 5k Walk and 3/4 Kids Run.

The 12k competitors lined up on Ocean Beach Road near the County Park.  Their route headed them south on Ocean Beach, up through the Magic Forest and around the lake (scroll down for the map). 

The 5k Run started next.  The participants formed the starting line south of the Beach Bar on Ocean Beach Road.  They headed north.

The 5k runners were followed closely by the 5k walkers.

Later, it was time for the kids.  They put their heart and soles into it as they formed near the Beach Bar parking lot and run north on Ocean Beach Road. 

Contestants were timed in all the events, and finished in the same location, also on Ocean Beach Road.

Run Clark Lake marked its 44th year today.  Through those decades, the run has been guided by its director, Pat Dwyer. 

At the ceremony this morning, he went through each race, named winners and runners-up, and provided ongoing commentary on extraordinary accomplishments.  These competitors received trophies.

  • Ben Utz, Overall Male Champion 5k
  • Rachel McFarlane, Overall Female Champion 5k
  • Rick Cahoon, Masters Male Champion 5k Male
  • Chris Vincent, Masters Female Champion 5k
  • Jacob Singlelar, Overall High School Male Champion
  • Kate Oireil, Overall High School Female Champion
  • Chuck Girard, Masters Male Champion 5k Walk
  • Robin Brigham, Masters Female Champion 5k Walk
  • Nathan Martin, Overall Male Champion 12k
  • Cayla Nousain, Overall Female Champion 12k
  • Ryan Cottingham, Masters Male Champion 12k
  • Stephanie Kapanowski, Masters Female Champion 12k

In an where participants of most events converge, these photos show some of the competitors in action.

But wait…there’s more!

Photos, video and story: Rick Belcher
Dronographer: B.J. Lyons

Catch the spirit of the day with this video.

The routes for each event are illustrated on this map.

Each year, Run Clark Lake is able to donate to the Spirit Trail, the 7.3 mile path around the lake.  This contribution, in addition to others received, help maintain the Trail and improve it.  Most work is done by volunteers who are not compensated.  Some projects require outside help like the recent fortifying of the Trail through the Magic Forest, tree and brush removal, and the newer sections adjacent to the Post Office and along North Lake Road between Rita and Grand Boulevard.

Events like Run Clark Lake don’t just happen on their own.  It requires the collaboration of many individuals who put time and energy into it. Just how many?  Perhaps too many to count.  Here are some names of those who make it happen, courtesy of Pam Kennedy and Leanne Melling.

Flag people who help direct runners and walkers along the race route:  Ron Runyon, Beth June, Mary Kellogg, Darlene Milecki, Joe Rummler, Tom Evanson, Dick Lowe (and friends), Mike Henges, Linda Williams, Pam Chieml, Terri Milikin, Mark Melling, Amanda Melling, Wayne Krantz, and Jeff Kennedy.

Residents along the route provide water stations help out dehydrated runners:  John and Elaine Stewart and family, Armeda Pearse and family, Vic and Gretchen Marshall, Linda Hones, Chris Melling-Krantz and Wayne Krantz, Jon and Annette Rozycki and kids, Rich Zecchino and kids, Michelle and Louis Ambs, Andy and Jackie Wilson, Ted and Betty Gulliver, Jean Dertouzous, Munro Family (David, Lori, Nate, Casey and kids), and Linda Bumpus.

Bike leaders guided the routes: Roger Lyons, Jerry Shaunessy and wife, Brian Fish, Gary Shultz, Brendan Melling, and Tina Beagle.

These people helped park cars this year or in the recent past:  Jeff Richer, Phil Simon, Dean Frazen, Flip Reynolds, Bill Leutz, John Stewart, Tom Evanson, and Carl Evanson.

There is a crew that helps cut fruit and bagels for the runners to enjoy: Heather Russell, Kim Guentner, Madi Guentner, Amanda Melling, Brendan Melling, Stephanie Sconocia, Annette Rozycki, Laurel Reed, and Doreen Williams.

This group registered  participants Friday evening and Saturday morning: Pam Kennedy, Liz Dwyer, Laurel Reed, Ann Swain, and Linda Reynolds.

Doyles Market provided bags of goodies for those participating in the kids race.

The Run would not happen without the support of the Beach Bar—John Collins, Peggy Collins and others.

Truly this is a community event that enjoys widespread support.  It’s part of the Clark Lake Spirit.

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