Bright sunshine brought out runners and spectators alike at today’s Run Clark.  The turnout was strong–almost 800 competitors, about 100 more than last year, and the crowd was supercharged. 

Before you take the deep dive into photos and results, check out this 60-second video.

Video produced by Brett Wietecha

Today’s event began with the 12k, which headed south on Ocean Beach Road.  

Just a few minutes later, the 5K headed north on Ocean Beach.

The 5k Walk followed the start of the 5k run, as you’ll see below.

Later in the morning kids 11 had their time in the sun in the Kid’s 3/4 Fun Run.  The course commenced in front of the Beach Bar, headed north and then turned around toward the finish line.

The start marks only the beginning of the competition.  Here’s a slide show of the 5k start on Ocean Beach Road.

In the next three slide shows, you’ll see competitors from the 12k, 5k, and 5k converging in the same location, along Clark Lake’s north shore, east end.

Course slideshow 2

Course slideshow 3

The Kids 3/4k were definitely thinking about winning.  You can see the intensity in their faces, below.


In an event where there were close to 800 competitors, there were many levels of accomplishment.  To review individual results, please click here. Below you’ll see winners who took home hardware.

Photos:  Rick Belcher

Above, Race Director Pat Dwyer, who has led Run Clark Lake for 43 years. It’s because of his dedication and hard work, along with that of many volunteers, that this event is so successful. Not only does the Run encourage participation in a worthwhile and rewarding sport, but it also creates funding for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  Below, hear Pat Dwyer tell the Run Clark Lake story in his own words (short video).

Video: Rick Belcher