Columbia Township Supervisor Robert Elrod has died.  Bob Elrod was first elected supervisor in 2008.  Township Treasurer John Calhoun comments “Bob put the community above everything…we have lost a champion for our community.”   

A Township news release from Clerk Barry Marsh offers these thoughts: 

“Bob through his tremendous witness of kindness, fairness and compassion for everyone that he spoke with, taught all of us what it truly means to serve one another and especially the residents of Columbia Township.

“Bob’s leadership and guidance over his many years of service has prepared the Township to continue his good work and dedication to listening and helping residents with their concerns.

“Bob’s obvious love for his family (especially his wife Shirley), children, extended family, friends and colleagues is the ultimate testimony of a life well lived.

“We are so very grateful to have been able to work closely with Bob and learn from him.  We cherish the friendship and the lessons learned. We will especially miss his wonderful sense of humor and the sincerity of the work of such a fine gentleman.

Over an extended period, Bob Elrod had been through several major medical difficulties.  He was 83.  He passed away in the early morning hours of September 9th. 

L to R: Trustee Rick DeLand, Trustee Mike Trout, Treasurer John Calhoun, Supervisor Bob Elrod, Clerk Barry Marsh. 

In the photo above, Bob Elrod is seen conducting the regular meeting of the Columbia Township Board of Trustees on August 16th.  Not pictured are Trustees Robin Tackett and Brent Beamish, who were not at this meeting. 

As supervisor, Bob Elrod was also a voting member of the Board of Trustees.  Going forward, the Township board will hold a special meeting to elect a new member and choose a successor for the role of supervisor.  Recently, Township Clerk Barry Marsh had been designated as deputy supervisor.