Condition of roads in the area has come under some scrutiny.  Pavement in some areas is rough, and some roads are not paved at all.  An informal ad hoc committee has formed to discuss what can be done. 

Included in the discussion are the County roads within Columbia Township and within the Lake Columbia Property Owners Association.  Columbia Township Supervisor Barry Marsh and County Road Commission Project Manager Jim Cole are a couple of the people involved.  The group is seeking the participation of residents, and to get their input. 

The group says this “is an opportunity for the committee to provide accurate information and potential options as to what it will take to address this issue in our community.”  Residents are invited to gather for an informational meeting at the Columbia High School auditorium on Wednesday, June 29 at 7 pm.  The intent is to “keep the meeting informative, concise, and include a limited Q & A so as to ensure brevity…”.  

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