A group is inviting residents to attend a meeting regarding County roads in Columbia Township.  A meeting involving some of the same people, and with similar purpose, was called for June 29th, but was cancelled before it happened.  Here is the group’s announcement for the new meeting on October 12th:

“An informal ad hoc committee has formed to address the conditions of the County roads within Columbia Township and the LCPOA.  As a result, conversations have been held with Township Supervisor Barry Marsh, Jackson County Road Commission Project Manager Jim Cole, and LCPOA President Tom Crampton to name just a few.

“Encouraging information has been shared and the group seeks to involve resident’s participation and input. This is an opportunity for the committee to provide accurate information and potential options as to what it will take to address this issue in our community.

“The next step, we believe is to bring the community together for an informative meeting.  We have reserved the Columbia High School auditorium for a meeting on Wednesday 10/12/2022 at 7:00PM.

“The committee’s intention is to keep the meeting informative, concise, and include a limited Q & A so as to ensure brevity for those who might otherwise have plans or commitments on a probable beautiful summer evening.

“We hope to see everyone there!

At the time the prior meeting was scheduled, this website researched some issues involving roads.  Here’s a link to the story.  As stated above, please note the June 29th meeting mentioned in the article was cancelled before it occurred.