As you bike, run or walk the Trail, you’ll find places to rest.  The Spirit Trail Committee has placed Spirit Trail benches along the way to encourage that.  Now there is this one, courtesy of C.J. Cox. 

Like many, the Trail goes by her house.  She located this bench of her own design on the northwest corner of her property.  It’s where you round the corner from Vining and proceed on the paved railroad bed.  It parallels Hyde Road, and is way to enjoy nature and avoid the traffic on busy days. Posing for the photo opp are Sug-R-Bear (left) and Pep-E-Bear (right).

C.J.’s home is near work.  She manages Your Home Town, a print shop on Hyde Road, facing the lake.  Many restaurant placemats with ads on them are produced here. Your Home Town has also supported lake efforts, such as printing the map of the Trail made available to visitors. (Scroll down to view).

As you round the corner, you may be greeted by Sug-R-Bear who sometimes lets you know she is following your progress.