Last night about 7:30, Kelsey Fink looked out on the lake from her Pierces Bay location and noticed someone was struggling.  A kayak had taken on a lot of water, and she could see the silhouette of a person’s head next to it who looked to be in the water.  Kelsey yelled out to him to offer help.  The reply was “yes…help.” 

According to Mike Ligibel, who also observed the situation, this person was 200-yards off the north shore, but definitely in deep water. 

Kelsey and her dad, Kevin, got on their raft.  Even rushing as fast as they could, it took a while to reach the location.  Because it appeared the individual had been in the cold water for some time, Kelsey’s mother, Annette, had called 911. 

Once Kevin and Kelsey reached the spot, they helped him on board and towed the kayak to his location.  He assured the Fink’s that he was okay.  The Fink’s relayed that to the rescue crew who then left the scene.