After the 2020 hiatus, a Clark Lake tradition returns.  The Clark Lake Yacht Club will hold its 60th annual Fall Regatta on Saturday, September 18, and Sunday, September 19.  

The Club is welcoming five classes to the competition—Rebels, Interlakes, Sunfish, Wayfarers, and Buccaneers.  The first race on Saturday will start at 12:45 pm, and on Sunday, at 10 am.  See a more detailed version of the schedule below. 

Twenty-nine sailboats competed in 2019, which was 10 more than 2018.  Sailors arrived, not only from Michigan, but from other states and Canada. 

What enhances the viewing spectacle are the white sails contrasted with the clear blue water of Clark Lake.  Many of the boats employ spinnakers that adds the drama of color.  Of course, what makes this different from any other competition on water is how you win.  No engine or steering wheel.  It’s just the crew, the wind, the waves, and knowledge of how to take advantage of the physics of all of it. 

For those who wonder why you would want to sail instead of turning the key to start a motor, let this video dispel some of the mystery.

Distilled to its essence, sailing, and its competitive derivative of racing, is about something basic to all of us—conquering a challenge.  Sailing requires understanding how to capture the wind and cause it to propel your boat counter to the direction of the wind.   What’s more, the wind does wherever it wants regardless of your objective.  If you want to reach a marker in a race and the wind refuses to cooperate, what do you do?   The lead singer of Green Day, Billy Joe Armstrong, does a great job of summing it up in a sentence which is as much about sailing as it is about life.  “You can’t change the wind, but you can set your sails.” 

The Clark Lake Yacht Club sponsors a Learn to Sail program.  Watch this video to find out more. 

Friday Night:

Arrival and set up 4:00 pm


Registration                      9:00 am – 12:00 am
Lunch                               11:00 am
Race Meeting                    noon
30 Minute Warning            12:15 pm (warning signal)
First Race                          12:45 pm
Dinner                               After last race


Race Meeting                    9:00 am
30 Minute Warning            9:30 am (warning signal)
First Race                          10:00 am
Lunch                                After last race
Awards                              After lunch