What the Clark Lake Yacht Club Regatta lacked in wind, it made up for in breaking news.  The reestablished Fleet 58 sailed into this annual event for the first time.  Of the 19 sailboats, ten were Hobies.

It’s true that Hobies (or any sailboat) are more fun in the wind, but the skippers and crews did their best under the trying circumstances.  On Saturday, the race course was located on the west end of the lake.  On Sunday, they stayed close to the Yacht Club due to near calm conditions.

Hobies, Rebels and Wayfarers competed.  For the standings, scroll down.  But first, take a look at the breaking news.  Hobies are reshaping the Regatta and the Yacht Club, as a surge of almost 30 new members joined for the Hobie experience.

Who are the Hobie ringleaders?  Chance Winnie along with his brother and father.  Watch the video as Yacht Club Commodore Pat O’Harris and Fleet 58 Commodore Chance Winnie tell this remarkable story.



The class boats that participated this year were Hobies, Wayfarers, and Rebels.  Here are the results.


  • 1st - Bruce Williams
  • 2nd - Mathew Miller
  • 3rd - Matt McGlynn | Irene McGlynn
  • 4th - Chris McGowan | Keith Lindley
  • 5th - Kevin Duffy | Roger Duffy
  • 6th - Mark Sokoll | Kathy Spring
  • 7th - Dave Metzger
  • 8th - Steven Middlebrook
  • 9th - Michael McCarthy | Kristin Johnson
  • 10th - Nate Mahan



  • 1st - Peggy Menzies | Martha Croasdale
  • 2nd - Matt Dailey | Nick Burtka
  • 3rd - Marc Myer | Dan Shock
  • 4th - Dave McCreedy



  • 1st - Scott Wright | Matt Fulkerson
  • 2nd - Kevin Nickels | Karolina Caramona
  • 3rd - Steve Cummings | Lyndsie Cummings
  • 4th - Richard O'Boyle | Bill Kindt
  • 5th - Tim Nickels | Renny Franceschi


More photos of the action…


Below Bruce Nowak, race director, at the Skipper Meeting which takes place before competition begins.  On the right is Fleet 58 Commodore Chance Winnie.

The lake is divided into 8 different sections so location of marks (buoys) can be found.

Officials on the committee boat (a raft) conduct the race.  Its location marks the start and finish lines for the races.  Below are Scott Rosenbeck, pilot; Bruce Nowak, director; and Hugh Harris, who helped with scoring.


Events like the Regatta don’t happen without a lot planning and effort.  At the registration table are Hugh Harris, Angela Klobuchar, and Leanne Barger, the treasurer.

The official standings as posted.