Day 2 of the Clark Lake Yacht Club Fall Regatta arrived with more wind.  That increased speeds and reduced times.  The day also delivered a repeat of Saturday’s abundance of sun.  Temperatures in the mid 70s made it all the more comfortable for participants and fans.  Clark Lake was at its very best as the 60th edition of this annual event took place. 

First, view today’s action in this slide show. Then view the official standings for Regatta 2021. If you missed Saturday’s action reel, you’ll find it at the bottom of the page.    



1–Kevin Nickels and Steve Middlebrook – sail 4200


2–Dave Nickels and Karoline Carmona – sail 4176


3–Scott Wright and Anne Markaity – sail 4180


4–Mary Reif and Aaron Reif – sail 4186


5–Steve Cummings and Lynsie Cummings – sail 4167


6–Brent Nowak and Forrest Nowak – sail 4170


7–Jay Topping and Pat Topping – sail 3994


8–Tim Nickels and Dustin Turnbull – sail 4160



1–Dave McCreedy and Dave Wipula – sail 911


2–Mark Meyer and Dan Shock – sail 2148


3–Robert Mosher and Dr. Michael Asterberry – sail 11341


4–Matt Dailey and Nick Burtka – sail 1028


5–Josh Flemming and Tim Broughton – sail 2506


Before the first race, skippers gather to learn about the race course.  After that meeting on Saturday, both skippers and their crew members lined up for this photo. 

Bruce Nowak

Sailing in a race is about conquering a challenge.  It requires understanding how to capture the wind and cause it to propel your boat counter to the direction of the wind.   What’s more, the wind does wherever it wants regardless of your objective.  If you want to reach a marker in a race and the wind refuses to cooperate, what do you do?   The lead singer of Green Day, Billy Joe Armstrong, does a great job of summing it up in a sentence which is as much about sailing as it is about life.  “You can’t change the wind, but you can set your sails.” 

Events like this require a substantial infrastructure.  The Yacht Club has people who know and love sailing, and who are also experts when it comes to conducting races.  Long time Yacht Club member Bruce Nowak was the chief race official for this year’s Regatta.

During races, those on the committee raft conduct the activity.  In addition to Bruce Nowak, Hugh and Helen Harris were onboard.  They scored times and calculated results. 

For the Regatta, two support boats were on the lake ready to provide assistance. 

L to R: Ian Buckley, Laurie & Mike Wilson

Judy & Bruce Chipman   

Here’s a replay of Saturday’s action reel, in case you missed it. 


Sailing, especially in a race, requires knowledge and practice.  How do you win?  In this video Neil Robb and Hugh Harris tell how it’s done. 


The Yacht Club offers a Learn to Sail program.