As reported this morning, Clark Lake had a new veneer of ice this morning (Thursday 3/3) after what appeared to be an early thaw. Then as the day went on, snow settled over the area.  That did not stop some fishermen to go out on the lake in their boat at the head-of-the-lake.  Ann Swain remarked that at 7:45 pm they were still out there.  No report on if the fish were biting.

Scroll down for some more photos of the lake today.  Those round dark spots are not tires, but rather breathing holes.  Thanks to Tucker Boyers for getting photos of this interesting phenomenon.

AS refreeze fishing 2016 03-03

Photo: Ann Swain

Below, the Clark Lake equivalent to crop circles?  Breathing holes, actually.

TB refreeze 1 2016 03-03

Photo: Tucker Boyers

TB refreeze 2 2016 03-03