Rebel sailboats from all over the country will converge on Clark Lake this coming summer.  The Rebel Nationals will take place Friday, July 14 through Sunday, July 16.  Last year the event was held in New Jersey.dsc_0912_963At least 25 competitors are expected to arrive at the Clark Lake Yacht Club, which will serve has headquarters for the regatta. To give you an idea of scale, 29 boats participated in the Yacht Club’s Fall Regatta in 2016.  Typically there are three races per day for a total of nine.  The courses will likely vary depending on wind and weather conditions.


Rebels have a long history at Clark Lake.  The first Rebel was built by Ray Greene in the late 1940s.  Rebels bear the distinction of being one of the first fiberglass boats. There have been other manufacturers over the years.  Rebels are currently built by WindRider in Flint.  The company also builds other one design sailboats including the Lightning, JY15, Buccaneer, and Mutineer.


Not only do sailboats paint an amazing picture as they sail the lake, but the sport itself is competitive with thrills to be had for the sailors.  Spectators also find racing engaging when you understand the game.  To learn about sailboat racing on Clark Lake, including background on Rebels, please click here.  Bill Leutz researched Rebels, along with another boat built by Ray Greene, the Nipper.  Click here to read his story.