rain gauge 2016 08-16This gauge, located at the east end of the lake, south side, shows 1.75 inches of rain fell overnight.  The owner of the gauge empties it monthly, so the photo shows the amount of rain since August 1st (about 3.5 inches).  The red marker indicates the water level.  One caveat: the rain gauge is somewhat protected, so the amount of water it holds may be less than if the gauge were at the end of a dock.

How much water entered the lake from this rain? A lot.  27,561,600 gallons! That made a difference in lake level and should be helpful to those having lift and boat problems because of the low water level.  Prior to last night’s rain, the first horse of this dock was out of the water.  You can see the difference the rain made.  Since August 1st, Clark Lake received a total of 3.5 inches or 55,122,620 gallons.  (Scroll below this photo to learn about the power outage).


Some homes at Clark Lake lost electrical power this morning (Tuesday 8/16/16).  According to Consumers Energy’s Terry DeDoes, “Trees were the cause of an electrical service interruption for about 200 customers in the Clark Lake area from about 7:10 am to 9:30 am.”