It’s sort of like “earth, wind and fire”, except Clark Lake weather over the last 24 hours had not three elements, but at least four. During yesterday’s rain, hail mixed in occasionally.  Today (Sunday 5/15/16), with temperatures near freezing early in the day and the wind blowing mightily, some snow fell around midday.  And there were even periods of sunshine.  If there was one constant, it was the wind.

It didn’t seem to bother those in the fishing boat, seen about 3 pm–and the boat in the foreground isn’t the only one.  It does look like they were dressed for ice fishing. Below the photo is the five day forecast for Clark Lake.  As you can see, spring should slowly return over the next few days.


forecast 2016-05-15You can get a detailed forecast for Clark Lake at anytime by going to the main page. Look for “NOAA Forecast.”