At precisely 10:30 am Clark Lake Time, the 2016 Raft-O-Rama entries began their parade around the lake.  The rafts congregate at the head-of-the-lake and follow the shoreline in a counterclockwise direction.

As usual, there were surprises as Clark Lake’s creative powers took hold of the theme–“States”–and applied the concept to rafts.  “State” could be defined as one of the fifty or some sort state of affairs, as you will see.  Later today, return to this website for the awards.  The awards ceremony takes place at Eagle Point at 3:45 pm.  You can vote the People’s Choice award until 3 pm.  For right now, here are the competitors in random order.

DSC_8938_688 DSC_8945_689 DSC_8959_691 DSC_8980_692 DSC_8989_693 DSC_9009_696 DSC_9015_697 DSC_9025_698 DSC_9040_701 DSC_9050_702 DSC_9064_703 DSC_9072_704 DSC_9081_705 DSC_0020_707 DSC_0028_708 DSC_8918_685 DSC_8919_686 DSC_8929_687