As summer begins, anticipation for Raft-O-Rama builds.  Following a long established tradition, the official t-shirt helps set the tone.  This years theme is “House”.  That brings to mind so many possibilities, including this cool design for the t-shirt.

Also available are ball caps…

And knit caps…

And of course the place to find them is Doyle’s Market on Hyde Road.

Thanks to Jim Dandar for displaying the knit hat and Frank Hones for showing where to find the latest Raft-O-Rama gear.  And Dotty Karkheck’s logo design puts all in the mood to do some building.

The theme for Raft-O-Rama on Sunday 6th is “Houses.”  Ready to build a house on a raft?


Below, the Raft-O-Rama committee waves to the fans lining Hyde Road at the Memorial Day Parade.