Saftey Guide Single PagesA Clark Lake iconic tradition is about to happen.  The 55th annual Raft-O-Rama will turn the lake into a very large stage on Sunday, August 2.  Whether part of the “audience” or one of the “performers”, Raft-O-Rama always offers top grade entertainment.

The weekend kicks off with Friday night fireworks.  R-O-R is presenting a display that will last 30 to 45 minutes.  The best place to view it will be on the lake at the east end.  The fireworks will be launched from the south shore, about midway between the Point and Ocean Beach. Considering the ambitious scope of the fireworks, your contribution will be gratefully received.  You can find a canister in the community or you can make a tax advantaged donation through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation via credit card on this website.

In between the Friday night fireworks and the Raft-O-Rama on Sunday is Run Clark Lake.  You can get information about it by clicking here.

The theme is “Festivals.  Right now your neighbors around the lake are plotting on how they will win this year’s competition.  ”  “Ten Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Raft-O-Rama but Were Afraid to Ask” is on the way to mailboxes around the lake.  What follows is a preview.


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Saftey Guide Single Pages3Saftey Guide Single Pages4The committee puts in many hours recreating this event every year.  The information piece above, designed by Dotty Karkheck, is an example.