"Rock of Ages" #15 Best Overall

“Rock of Ages” #15 Best Overall

The theme for the 2015 Raft-O-Rama is “Festivals.”  From now to the day of the event, August 2nd, this theme will be a focus of both thought and activity.  First comes the inspiration, then engineering imagination, and finally, the construction.

Every year, the theme for the next Raft-O-Rama is chosen by the winners of the past year.  The theme for 2014 was “Broadway Shows’ that turned Clark Lake into a revue of the finest shows to be seen on stage.

Raft-O-Rama has been a major part of Clark Lake summers for over a half-century.  It’s a major community activity inspired by creativity and ingenuity.

In addition to the event itself, the R-O-R Committee has other activities.  One of them has the joint purpose of raising funds to support the big event and also to illumine Clark Lake on the 4th of July.  For a donation, committee members offer luminaries to residents with the idea that they will place them along the shoreline and light them at dusk on the 4th.  Every year the number of luminaries grows.  The committee’s goal is that a glowing circle of light will outline all shores.   The luminaries act as an appetizer for the fireworks to follow.  Because of the way they are constructed (small candles in paper bags), they burn slowly and last through the evening. Some can still be seen “by dawns early light.”

Check out the winning rafts in the 2014 competition:

Best Overall (adults 18 and up) “Rock of Ages” #15
Best Overall (kids 17 and under) “Annie” #2
People’s Choice “Annie” #2
Most Enthusiastic “Love Janis” #8
Most Original “Timm Richardson Theatre” #16
Funniest “Rock of Ages” #14
Closest to Theme “Grease” #4
Most Colorful “Lion King” #3
Best Special Effects “South Pacific” #11
Furthest from Theme “Legally Blonde, The Musical” #13
Rookie Award “Peter Pan” #7
Costumes Only “Best, Best, Best, Best of Broadway” #9

For a complete rundown, including photos, please click here.

ROR 14 overall winner crop

The winning crew from Rock of Ages, #15: Best Overall