Seventeen rafts, decorated to the hilt with the theme of Broadway Plays, entertained Clark Lake to the max today.  The rafts followed the shoreline with their colorful artwork and crew members with bright and exciting costumes. Lots of smiling faces combined with endless energy.

It was a day for creative ideas.  In some cases, the entries called upon not only creative-types, but the engineer/builder-types, who could turn the ideas into working entries.  Two examples of engineering feats were seen in South Pacific and a Rock of Ages entry.  On South Pacific, there was a working shower as Brandi Zak “washed that man right out of her hair.”  For a Rock of Ages raft, three rafts were tied together to present a massive stage for the performers.  Have you ever tried to go down the lake with even two rafts tied at the hips?  Hard to pull off.  Many of the entries featured music from their Broadway show, and it all worked.  Put it all together and you have a Raft-O-Rama that exceeds expectations!

Scroll down for the winners–

ROR 14 overall winner cropBest Overall (adults 18 and up) “Rock of Ages” #15
Best Overall (kids 17 and under) “Annie” #2
People’s Choice “Annie” #2
Most Enthusiastic “Love Janis” #8
Most Original “Timm Richardson Theatre” #16
Funniest “Rock of Ages” #14
Closest to Theme “Grease” #4
Most Colorful “Lion King” #3
Best Special Effects “South Pacific” #11
Furthest from Theme “Legally Blonde, The Musical” #13
Rookie Award “Peter Pan” #7
Costumes Only “Best, Best, Best, Best of Broadway” #9

The day was perfect for Raft-O-Rama–78 degrees plus just enough breeze to keep you cool in the bright sun.  Now it’s photo-fest time.  In some cases, you’ll see multiple photos for an entry.  How many photos were used is about how well the photos turned out and if they improved visual perspective.  The number aside the name of the entry is used only to identify it.  That number, and the order in which the photos are presented, have no special significance.  Have some photos you’d like to share?  Email them to  Note: click or tap any photo to enlarge.  Repeat to reduce.

There were hundreds lining the shores of Clark Lake to watch the parade of rafts competing for the various titles.


After the parade, it was off to Eagle Point for grilled chicken courtesy of the Clark Lake Lions.