Skies were cloudy, but the rafts, and people on them, radiated pure sunshine.  Along with that sunshine shone lots of creativity as contestants met the challenge of this year’s theme–TV shows.  It’s amazing how much staying power certain shows retain.  Represented in the parade were three Gilligan Island’s, two Flintstones’, and two Mash’s.  Both the Addams Family and Lawrence Welk were on Clark Lake’s TV screen today as well.  All of these shows went into reruns long ago, but today is living proof of their indelible impact.  And their presentation today revived great memories.

Raft-O-Rama puts on display the creativity, artistry, and engineering capabilities of Clark Lake.  Turning an idea into something that will float successfully on two pontoons and weather a lake breeze is a mark of accomplishment.

The People’s Choice is voted upon by those who visit the R-O-R table starting at noon.  People’s Choice Award – #12 Baywatch

Best Overall, Adults 18+ – #12 Baywatch

Best Overall, Kids 17 and under, R. Tucker Boyers Award – #2 Flintstones


Most Enthusiastic – #11 Mash 4077

Most Original – #16 Addams Family

Funniest – #8 Cops

Closest to the Theme – #1 Lawrence Welk

Most Colorful – #18 Sesame Street

Best Special Effects – #7 Mash

Furthest from the Theme – #25 College Game Day

Rookie Award – #5 Gilligan’s Island

Best Costumes – #4 Gilligan’s Island

Best Attention to Details – #15 Baywatch

Other rafts added to the sights and sounds of the day.

  • #3 Price Is Right
  • #10 Naked and Afraid
  • #14 Flintstones
  • #17 Gilligan's Island
  • #9 Nickelodeon
  • #6 College Game Day

As you leave the story for the moment, take a look at what the Raft-O-Rama parade looks like from above.  The drone takes you around Eagle Point through the cove.  It makes a curiosity stop at the Baywatch raft, then resumes it flight.  Notice the line up of spectators on their rafts watching from the lake side of the parade as people on the shore watch from the other direction.

Thanks to BJ Lyons for the drone photos and videos.