Rumors, rumblings, undercurrents.  And last minute engineering dilemmas.  It’s all part of the hours leading up to Raft-O-Rama at Clark Lake.  It’s been heard that at least one entry is thinking bigger is better.  Others are working with other creative ideas.  But spycraft isn’t enough to pin down what the lake will look like at 10:30 am this Sunday morning as the decorated rafts tour the shoreline.  This year’s theme is Broadway Plays.

JohnKandRORbanner2Registration takes place today (Friday) and Saturday–7 pm to 9 pm both days.  Tonight it’s the Beach Bar; tomorrow, it’s the Shipwreck Party Store at Eagle Point.  Need corrugated board for your entry?  See Tucker Boyers at 474 S. Woodlands, 529-4466.  No charge, courtesy of the Raft-O-Rama committee.

Check out the photo.  It’s John Karkheck, of the R-O-R committee, holding what participants will receive for entering the competition.  It was designed by John’s wife, Dotty.  She also designed the Ten Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Raft-O-Rama.  There have been a number of inquiries as to how that piece came to be.  The answer–it’s Dotty’s fine work.  And you can be sure that these items will become valued Clark Lake memorabilia–finding their way onto walls or rooms designed to showcase Clark Lake and its events.

It’s tempting to think that we’ve had a nice fall this summer.  The forecast, as of 2 pm Friday, suggests that Sunday morning Clark Lake will experience abundant sunshine with a daytime high of 82.  As of this writing (2pm Fri), Clark Lake air temp is 78; and water temp, 73.  Last year’s Raft-O-Rama was more comfortably viewed while wearing a jacket.  Seems like that might not be necessary this year.