After the intensity of summer, Clark Lake typically settles back to enjoy the fall colors.  But that doesn’t mean a lack of activity.  This afternoon, the thunder of lightly-muffled engines shook Eagle Point Road.  The hogs, the kind with wheels, were arriving.  The Signature Harley Davidson Club of Perrysburg paid Clark Lake a visit.  The destination of this friendly group was the Pointe Bar and Grill.   

On Wednesday, strong winds inspired this ride on choppy waters.  The wind does the work, but requires the user to exert major effort.  If you watched this individual, two things would stand out.  It takes skill to get the wind to inflate the sail—translated, the person spent lots of time in the water.  The second observation?  The wind takes you where it wants.  That includes sudden shifts resulting in instant changes of direction.  Clark Lake sailors will understand.