On a completely volunteer basis, the Garden Angels spend countless hours beautifying Clark Lake.  And they do it with only the most rudimentary of materials – the dirt in the ground, seedlings, plants, shovels, and their hard work.  Most important to the mix is their creativity.  When you drive by the Triangle (North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads) or visit the Community Center, the results jump out. Their work has also inspired others at the lake to take to higher level what nature offers.

The Garden Angels are embarking on a new project.  Studying other gardens, they have been struck by the amazing effect a pergola can make to a setting.  They would like to apply that transformation to the patio area just west of the Community Center – welcome to the Garden Angels Pretty Pergola Campaign.  Click to watch the video, and learn more.

The purpose of the Pretty Pergola extends beyond its engaging appearance.  It can be an inviting place to sit and observe the lake, set up tables for refreshments or a meal, or to hold a ceremony.

The search for the perfect pergola resulted in a structure that is 20 feet by 12 feet, and 10 feet tall.  That will cover the patio area just west of the Community Center.  Why 10 feet high?  That works best when looking from the veranda of the Community Center.  The beams will provide 75% shade.  Columns will match those on the house, and the structure’s build projects a substantial feel.  Effort was also put into finding a pergola that will stand up to Michigan’s changing seasons.  The objective was to ensure that it will not need substantial repair, maintain its beautiful appearance, and remain serviceable for decades.

The idea behind choosing this pergola was to find one that adds to the magic of its location and will endure.  The $16,000 cost is not high by today’s standards, and especially when the aforementioned attributes are carefully considered.  The Garden Angels Pretty Pergola Campaign needs your help.  You can donate via this website by clicking here, and checking the box that says “I would like this donation to go to a specific fund” and choosing “Garden Angels.”  Or write a check made out to Clark Lake Spirit Foundation with “Garden Angels” in the memo line and send to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234.  The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is a 501c3.

Donors will be acknowledged on the Pergola Page on this website.  Thanks go to Dotty Karkheck who designed the Pretty Pergola Campaign logo.