As of 8 pm (Tuesday), power is still out for much of Clark Lake.  The most recent restoration estimate is 11:30 pm, according to the Consumers Energy outage website.

Residents of Q Lane are warning of hazards in their neighborhood, and believe the safest action is not to use the road for now.  A power line is down near South Shore and Q Lane.  Consumers Energy says “We experienced more than 2,000 downed wires throughout Consumers Energy’s service territory. We urge everyone who is outside to be on the lookout for downed wires and to stay at least 25 feet away from the lines.”

The red arrow points to the downed power line.

One of the neighbors, Chris Donahue, says “a few large oaks have snapped but not fallen” along Q Lane, “and represent a significant hazard.”

Consumers says 175,000 customers experienced outages.  Of those, 75,000 have been restored to service.  Outage map as of 8 pm Tuesday.