A large tree branch crashed to the ground, but not before striking a utility pole.  The impact caused a major short and immediately power went down for a few customers along Eagle Point Road. Once Consumers Energy began work, it was necessary to take down power for a much larger area. Power was restored in the noon hour.  For some, the outage lasted over 4 hours; for others, not as long.  But nonetheless, whenever the power goes out, it’s what everyone talks about.  

When the branch crashed loudly to the ground, the effect was immediate.  One neighbor reported a bright flash, along with the noise.  The branch’s contact with the utility pole left the structure to mangled.

Once the a tree trimmer cleared the area, restorative work began.


Voltage at the pole is 4,800 volts.  From there, it is stepped down so it can be routed through your house via the electrical panel.