question mark croppedThe April 1st spoof about aliens at Clark Lake was viewed by thousands. Website activity surged to unprecedented levels. Perhaps not a surprise given the kind of coverage this topic gets on cable TV, in movies, and on websites. Some of it is clearly fiction; some purports to be true or some question assertions that it is not true.  All of this inspires the new poll question on the main page that queries your opinion. There are four choices that are here paraphrased:

1-I’ve seen an unidentified flying object at Clark Lake
2-I saw one elsewhere
3-I’ve not seen one but believe they may exist
4-I think it’s a bunch of hooey.

A Google search reveals at least one Clark Lake sighting of a UFO.  It’s impossible to know if this report (or others like it) are valid.  The vetting process is not known, but could make for interesting discussions.

Jet Skis on Clark Lake

Eighty-three votes expressed opinions about jet skis on Clark Lake. Here’s how the voting went:

  • “Jet Skis are a part of the lake. They are fun to watch and/or ride on.”  43%
  • “Jet Skis can be a problem—riders need to be respectful of others. Guidelines are needed.” 48%
  • “Jet Skis are a safety hazard and harm the ecosystem in very shallow water. Ban them.” 8%
    Note:  Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole percentage, thus the 1% rounding error.

Not long after this poll was introduced, Beth June researched existing rules and wrote about them. Click here to read.

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