A Columbia Township police officer was investigating a Jefferson Road two-car crash when a third vehicle, a Honda CRV traveling east, smashed into the police car.  Police Chief Jay Niles says the Columbia Township officer, Sergeant Tyler Tefft, was injured from flying debris.  But it could have been much worse.  “A six-inch difference would mean planning a funeral.” As it is Sgt. Tefft sustained a knee injury, sought medical attention, and is temporarily off-duty. He is expected to return soon.

The accident occurred Wednesday, December 6th at about 5:45 pm at Jefferson and Wesch Roads, according to Columbia Township Police.

The driver the Honda was an adult male who lives a short distance from the scene of the accident.  In the car with him was his 8 year old child.  Neither they, nor the occupants of the original accident, was injured.

Chief Niles emphasizes the importance of the move-over law.  “All of this didn’t have to happen.” The law requires vehicles to move over/slow down for emergency vehicles.  Scroll down to review the law.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is the investigating agency in a situation where a police car is involved.  Chief Niles is working with the Sheriff’s Department to address prosecution of the driver of the Honda.

After his vehicle was hit, Sgt. Tefft, despite being injured himself, continued to check on the welfare of the occupants of the Honda, and requested assistance for traffic control from Napoleon Township Police.

It’s expected the police car will be totaled.

MDOT Move Over Brochure