As participants’ memory of their plunge into 31 degree Clark Lake water begins to fade, there are more lasting reminders.  That includes the $31,343 raised for Special Olympics plus photos of those taking the plunge. You watch stop action of each plunge by clicking Saturday’s story here.

Now here are some airborne videos of the event courtesy of BJ Lyons.  This was definitely a droneafilable event.  Eagle Spirit One hovering over Eagle Point on Saturday proved it.

First is Jesse Meston, the new father of twin boys, both born on Christmas eve.  His costume evidently played into that happy scenario.  Along with Jesse is someone else well known at Clark Lake, Dan Omo, also wearing the bare-minimum.

And here’s Bill Leutz’s stop action of Dan in flight.  That splash is Jesse, now underwater.

jump 42 A
Eagle Spirit One zoomed in over Eagle Point to give an overview and record this plunge.

A number of uniformed groups observed proper military courtesy.  Before jumping, they saluted.

Eagle Spirit One flew closer to capture more detail.

This next group was stopped in midair via Bill Leutz.  

jump 16 A ps
There were 240 participants who collected contributions and took the plunge.

Although the video ended before the next group took their turn, this photo assures you they did line up, and made it into the lake.

jump 20 A ps
The water temperature was 31 degrees.  What was the affect of the wind on bare skin?  Significant.  Combining the air temp with the wind created a windchill factor of 16 degrees.

You can view all the photos through the website’s Saturday story by clicking here.

Thanks to those who helped put our coverage together:  Bill Leutz, BJ Lyons, and Jessie Tucker.