These people are plotting fun!  The Raft-O-Rama Committee met Friday night, one in a series of many meetings that happen throughout the year. There is much more to Clark Lake’s iconic event than the parade of rafts on Sunday, August 6th.  At this meeting they worked on details of the post-ROR events and getting the word out. (Front to back, left side: Ron Runyan, Josie Hones, Dan Omo; Front to back, right side: Christy Runyan, Frank Hones, Tricia Boyers, Beckey Ligibel, Joe Collins)

You may not know it, but the Raft-O-Rama Committee also takes steps to promote other big events at the lake.  Tricia Boyers is holding a poster that tells the story.  Many of these posters will begin to appear around the lake.  And a precious few will be save for posterity long after the events, posted on cottage walls, in garages, or in a few man caves.

Also about to be launched are these banners.  They will be attached to utility pools on Ocean Beach and Hyde Roads, and perhaps a couple other places.  Joe Collins and Frank Hones show what they look like close up.

Now at Doyles are the latest Clark Lake items, the newest creations of the RoR Committee.  Just to prove that a photo shoot doesn’t have to be dull, Dan Omo and Jessica Tucker have fun showing  off the new t-shirts, kozies, and frisbees.

But wait, there’s more.  Expect an unexpected item this year.   More on this later!