Columbia Township has employed a consulting firm, OHM, to evaluate and make recommendations in “an all-encompassing proposal” for potential changes to the Township Park on Hyde Road.  The project will include meeting with the Township officials, such as police and fire chiefs.  The OHM study will result in “written analysis of the park and its amenities, along with the abutting fire station, roadway, and Spirit Trail connectivity.”

OHM will also prepare up to three conceptual parking lot layout alternatives.  Eventually the choices will be narrowed down to one parking plan.  They will also present to the Township a site plan, and associated estimate of cost, and grant funding options.

In the past, the park has been the source of parking problems, overcrowding, abuse, and criminal behavior.  At the March meeting of the Township Board, closing hours were extended to 9 pm.  Last summer, the park had been closed at 5 pm because of problems.  Click here for details.

Watch the video to view the discussion.

Warmer weather could mean greater use of the park, so the Township urged OHM to begin work immediately.