Elizabeth Freeman and her brother, David Wiemer, sailed Hobie 5500 in Thursday’s Fleet 58 race.  Elizabeth’s 13 year old son wanted to take some close-ups.  Being so far away in the Kentucky Point Cove, Isaac knew his phone wouldn’t get the job done.  Not willing to give up, he had a MacGyver-type moment.  He found his great-grandfather’s WW II anti-aircraft binoculars, and took these photos through its lens.

In a couple photos, the Seeger’s pirate skeleton is in the foreground, providing perspective on the distance between Isaac and the race.

These cool photos show how combatants watched the skies for the enemy during wartime.  Imagine what might have been seen through those binoculars.  Fast forward to 2023.  Is this the beginning of something for Isaac?  Perhaps he will be lured into investing untold dollars in cameras, just like your reporter.  Note to Isaac:  there’s always the promise of the next best thing at B&H Photo.