Kids race first in the Great American Crab Races.  And why do they want to win?  Up for crabs are terrific prizes–$200, $100, and a brand-new bike.  The many sponsors are the strong foundation for the Crab Races (see schedule below to see who sponsors each race).  The Kennedy’s of Country Market, made a big difference in providing today’s prizes for the kids.

Adults will also do their best to win at the Beach Bar, too.   In the finals, 1st prize is $600; 2nd, $350, and 3rd, $200.  Adults go at it starting at 6:30 pm today (Sunday).  For other times, check out the schedule below.

The Great American Crab Races are sponsored by the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, Columbia Academic Boosters, Napoleon Athletic Boosters, and Napoleon Lions Club.  The Crab Race Committee likes to refer to it as “a joint venture for the kids.”  They would like to thank all the race sponsors above, and have a special thank you to M-R Builder, B&B Hardware & Mobil Subway, Country Market, and the Beach Bar.