A new tradition is taking hold.  C.J. Cox has assembled a crew to count boats, docks and lifts that are still in the lake late in the fall.  Last year’s count took place on Sunday, November 8.  This year the count happened again on November 8, but on a Monday.  Weather this year was similar to last year–sunny and not too chilly.  As long as you wore a coat, the weather was perfect.  

Here are the results comparing this year to last year. 


C.J.’s team conducted the count:  Cindy Naegele, Allison McRae, Diana Smarch, and Stephen “Rock” Rockwell. 

A raft ride at this time of year offers a different perspective.  When docks are in the water, they provide a gauge as to how close you should be to shore.  When not there, guesswork takes over.  Being right about your guess means your prop won’t take a beating. 

The annual July 4th Boat Count captures the numbers at their height.  To review the count for 2021 and past years, click here.