After his bike ride, one Clark Laker exclaimed “it was like driving a 1955 Buick Roadmaster with Dynaflow…it was that smooth.”  What he’s talking about is an 800-foot stretch of North Shore Drive that was recently capped with an inch and a half of asphalt.  You can thank Henry and Nicki Lindeman.  They contacted the Jackson County Department of Transportation, requested the work, and wrote the check.  They say neighbors are helping to defray the cost.

The goal was to resurface from the top of one hill to the top of the next, about 800 feet.  About the cost?  Henry says “it was a bargain.”  The County took 30% off the total.  He also admitted that the process took time.  In the end, he says “I prayed; giving glory to God is what made it happen.”  Next? There is interest in giving F-Lane the same treatment.

Unlike other recent paving projects at Clark Lake or Lake Columbia, a special assessment district (SAD) was not initiated.  Dealing directly with the County reduced the complexity.  It meant acquiring the County’s approval, getting on their waiting list, and writing a check.   SADs require working through the Township, and submitting signed petitions with 50% plus one of the involved property owners agreeing to it.