Since 2013, viewers of this website have been able to watch goings-on of the east end of Clark Lake through the DamCam.  The range of this live 24/7 view starts at the dam and covers most areas of the east end.  When the lens is fully extended, you can see cars on Hyde Road, but the view of west-end activity is blocked by Eagle Point. That is about to change.  The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation is about to place a companion camera in the Township Park at the head-of-the-lake that will give live views looking east. 

DamCam View of Eagle Point; and beyond it, Hyde Road

The Township Park location is ideal to view west end activity.  In assessing potential sites along Hyde Road, it soon became clear that a camera located on any structure would encounter a visual obstacle—utility lines.  That’s not the case in the Township Park.

This is a photo of the Township Park, but it doesn’t illustrate views possible once the new streaming camera is installed.

Mike McKay has graciously (and generously) volunteered to fund the purchase and installation of this new camera. That’s on top of his donation that made possible the current version of the DamCam.  Thank you, Mike!

Thanks also go to the Columbia Township Board of Trustees who voted unanimously tonight to allow the Foundation to place the camera in the Park. 

DamCam viewers are sometimes treated to one of Clark Lake’s awesome sunsets.  Now get ready for sunrises, too.

Sunset view from the DamCam, 2019