The Spirit Trail last night sought permission from Columbia Township to place two new Spirit Trail benches near the west end boat launch.  As part of an ongoing project, they are designed to enhance the use of the Trail, offering a place to rest and view the vistas while walking, running, or cycling.

The cost of the benches are defrayed entirely by private donations.  The amount donated covers the cost of the bench, a fee for future repairs if damaged, and a donation to the Trail.  Maintaining and improving the Trail is handled mostly by unpaid volunteers, people who have pride in the Clark Lake community.  But there are occasions when financial support is required.  Recent examples include the construction of the extension between Rita and Grand Boulevard, and a complete re-do of the section adjacent to the post office. Both required outside contractors.

In this video, Trustee Flip Reynolds explains to the Board what the Spirit Trail committee has been doing with the benches. Clerk Barry Marsh has concerns, and the Spirit Trail’s Ann Swain responds.