Dee (Dolores) Field was one of Clark Lake’s own.  Without people like her, Clark Lake projects would not get the energy and support needed to turn good ideas into realities.  Dee, who passed away in 2020, was known for her consistent support of the Spirit Trail.  She was an important part of the Clark Lake Historical Preservation Committee, serving as treasurer.  The committee published the book—Clark Lake, Images of a Michigan Tradition—in 1991.

This morning, a new Spirit Trail bench was placed near the Clark Lake Community Center in honor of Dee Field.  The bench was made possible by her daughter, Anne Barnett.  In the photo are Anne and her husband, Scott.  The inscription was the inspiration of Ann’s daughter.


Flip Reynolds delivered the bench with the help of Spirit Trail committee members Ann Swain and Dan Omo.

Benches follow the Spirit Trail path around the lake for the use of walkers, runners, and cyclists.  Some love to sit and simply enjoy the view.  Those who use this bench will have a great view of the lake from high atop the hill, overlooking the greenery of the County Park.

In the fall this location glows with nature’s bright colors. 


The first to sit on this bench?  The newest member of the Spirit Trail committee, Teddy.  He didn’t wait to be invited.  

It’s worthwhile to remember those who have given time, energy and financial support to the community.  Below is an excerpt from the book cover of the Clark Lake history written by Ted Ligibel that names the committee members.  Like Dee, some are not with us today, but they should, and do, live on in memory.