An intersection nearby Clark Lake will close for an extended period.  Where South Jackson and Lindsey Roads cross will close starting Monday, July 26, and remain out of commission until the end of August. 

The Jackson County Department of Transportation points to an extensive project. It involves removing the existing road, replacing the asphalt, improving drainage, and installing signing, and pavement markings. JCDOT says currently “drivers entering South Jackson from Lindsey have to turn their heads all the way around to see traffic on South Jackson.  The new intersection has a standard ‘T’ shape, which improves visibility and safety for motorists entering the intersection.” They add the new “intersection geometry also improves responsiveness and safety for fire emergency vehicles nearby Liberty Fire Department.” 

JCDOT plans to post a detour and encourages motorists “to follow the route and not use local roads in the area.”

The project will cost about $165,000, according to JCDOT, and were awarded a safety grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation. “This grant provides 90% of the project funding, and is a competitive program for roads and intersections that have a history of fatal and/or injury crashes. JCDOT is responsible for 10% of the project construction costs, plus engineering and construction management.”