Photo by John Stewart (taken last week)

John Deming reports  he saw “an eagle fly over the house and circle over the water in front” this evening.  He describes it as a “mature bird with white tail and head. Just as soon as it was here, it was gone.”  He suspect boat traffic on the lake caused it to take off.  This sighting occurred on the east end of the lake, east of the Yacht Club.

Last week, John Stewart spotted one of these incredible predators along Eagle Point, also over the east end of the lake–and captured the moment with his camera.  He indicated that the eagle landed in a tree as it hung onto a blue gill, then flew west in the direction of the Eagle Point Marina.

Comment from Beth and Ron June:  “While on the lake late afternoon on Raft-O-Rama Sunday, we saw an eagle flying over the lake toward The Beach and Boat Club. The majestic bird’s white tail was clearly visible. It flew away quickly……probably because of all the activity on lake that day. What a thrilling sighting!!”