IMG_4459We were curious about swan behaviors on Clark Lake this year especially after we saw the proud mother swimming with all six cygnets on her back in early June on the west end.  The proud father had a watchful eye and even hissed at us when we gave them a little organic whole grain bread from the dock.  After a few weeks we would see the babies all on their own swimming and looking for their parents.

One day one walked up my neighbor’s driveway and hopped in his lap.  We think he was attracted to his white tee shirt.  That little one survived the night and was following us all around when we saw the parents come and the male tried to kill it.  We averted his efforts and then put the little one back in the lake to let nature take its course, a very sad one.

There might be something wrong with these little ones according to Wikipedia and this is nature’s way–but I can’t help thinking of Papa Swan’s anger at the jet skis buzzing around.  He was obsessed in flying back and forth trying to defend this family but then ended up destroying them anyway.  There is natural process to all of this, but I also think there is some human interference too.  I’m grateful to these swans that patrol our shores for keeping the geese away this year.

-Becky Consonni