eagle todayps

Becky Consonni photo

Today Becky Consonni was in her car on Hyde Road with her camera by her side.  She describes what happened next:

“I looked over in the clouds and there was the eagle!  It was soaring high above  Hyde Road on the other side of Jefferson. I drove over there and saw that it had changed course from south to east. She must have looked to see what the buzzards were finding and then accelerated above and wayyyy beyond them. She’s so strong.

eagle buzzardps

Eagle and seagull. Becky Consonni photo

“After going on the National Wildlife website and reporting this, I learned that female eagles are larger than the males. I do think that this is a female–she is so fast and powerful!!

“The fact sheet about these birds says they LOVE fish. I noticed that when over by Hyde Road this eagle flew over some turkey buzzards. I do think this is a pretty hungry eagle and is looking for activity that suggests food–dead or alive.  But this is just speculation so far.

Becky says she is going to pursue the activities of this eagle, armed with her camera.  Stay tuned!