Clark Lake wildlife is showing itself.  On a lazy, sunny Thursday afternoon, these turtles spotted a boat lift without a boat.  What to do?  Starting sunning!

The turtles were sunning themselves at the east end of the lake.  Not far from the turtles, this swan family explored the south side shoreline on Friday afternoon.


Ducks are back, but don’t seem to be quite as plentiful.  During a recent rain, this duck seemed content just to swim.

Then there is this situation discovered in a boat this afternoon.  The female duck involved doesn’t appear to be a great mother.

This great blue heron was also spotted recently.  These guys eat just about anything, including ducklings if they can find them.

And on the way are the mayflies.  MSU Extension tells the story of their unusual, short lives here. 

A large hatch suggests the lake is healthy.  Just don’t leave your mouth open too long!